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Abu Dhabi-based ADS Securities provides sophisticated forex, bullion and commodities trading solutions to institutional and private investors. Institutional clients include banks, global and regional hedge funds, asset managers, investment banks and non-bank financial institutions. These are equally split between Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Private clients range from individual private traders through to experienced business people managing both personal and family assets. ADS Securities is the largest brokerage by volume in the Middle East and one of the fastest growing forex and investment companies globally. ADS Securities offers: Execution – we are continually investing in our technology in order to provide you with the fastest execution Price - our access to deep liquidity is reflected in some of the best prices anywhere in the world Support - we offer 24/6 support and 24/5 trading Regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, ADS Securities is a very well capitalised company. The financial strength of the company has allowed on-going investment in technology; access to tier one liquidity providers and the provision of a very high level of client support. Located in a stable and secure marketplace, ADS Securities is a new force in global trading. The company is focused on providing the consistent spreads and prices institutions and individual are looking for. Located between the Far-East and Europe ADS Securities helps bridge flows and maintain liquidity from the closing of Singapore through to the opening of London.

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